Chef Claudia Sandoval – USA

San Diego, CA Name: Claudia Sandoval, Winner of MasterChef Season 6 Nationality: Mexican Country of Residence: United States 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Claudia’s Cocina. 2. Describe Your Kitchen: Modern Mexican Seafood (if we are being specific – Mazatlan Style Seafood). 3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item and Why: The Montreal Cool Vent Chef Coat – comfortable, not stiff, coolFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Phillip Esteban – USA

San Diego, CA Name: Phillip Esteban Age: 34 Nationality: Filipino Country of Residence: United States 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Consortium Holdings — Chef  |  Culinary Research & Development. 2. About Your Kitchen: One of the many great things about my position is that I work with amazing chefs within our company and their kitchens. Consortium Holdings has allowed meFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Kevin Gillespie – USA

Atlanta, GA Name: Kevin Gillespie Age: 34 Nationality: American Country of Residence: United States 1. Your Restaurant/Business: My restaurant management and consulting group, Red Beard Restaurants. We currently have four concepts: Gunshow, Revival, Communion, and Terminus City. 2. About Your Kitchen: We have a galley kitchen at Gunshow, lots of storage, counter-top space, and light. 3. Your FavoriteFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Thiago Silva – USA

Boston, MA Name: Thiago Silva Age: 31 Nationality: Brazilian Country of Residence: United States 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Chew Innovation, a studio, lab and kitchen in Boston, MA. 2. About Your Kitchen: It’s the greatest place on earth, magically delicious!! 3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item: All the aprons! Especially the denim ones. Comfy and sexy! I’m currently wearingFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Martin Louzao — Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico Name: Martin Louzao Age: 37 Nationality: Argentinian Country of Residence: Puerto Rico 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Cincosentidos Inc. currently have Cocina Abierta, an interactive culinary experience; Nonna Cucina Rustica our Italian restaurant concept; Atelier, a culinary school for aficionados and Touro our recently opened Spanish inspired restaurant. 2. About Your Kitchen: Eclectic – I likeFIND OUT MORE |

Chef David Cioppa — B.V.I.

Beef Island, Tortola, British Virgin Islands Name: David Cioppa Age: 45 Nationality: American Country of Residence: British Virgin Islands 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Surfsong Villa Resort in Well Bay, Beef Island, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 2. About Your Kitchen: Small, organized, well-equipped, clean and cool. 3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item: Blue, lightweight ¾ sleeve chef jacket (Item JLCL)FIND OUT MORE |

Chef Mario Batali — USA

New York, New York, USA Name: Mario Francesco Batali Age: 55 Nationality: American Country of Residence: United States 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Mario Batali LLC // Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group 2. About Your Kitchen: Where I live most of my life. Wheee! 3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item: : The Eat (RED)* Chef’s Coat (REPC) because it helps #86AIDS! 4. First Job: Line cook atFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Drew M. Deckman — Mexico

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico Name: Drew M. Deckman Age: 46 Nationality: American Country of Residence: Mexico 1. Your Restaurant/Business: Deckman’s en el Mogor — when the family bought the ranch in late 1940’s it was the only word on the old maps, so they kept the name. 2. About Your Kitchen: Our kitchen is entirely outdoors — centered inFIND OUT MORE |